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RERV-C100 (Compact)

RERV-C100 (Compact)

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Enthalpy Core

These slim line compact HRV / ERVs are especially designed for house to provide constant fresh air into the living room and bedrooms while exhausting same amount of stale air from the washrooms and kitchen. The low speed exhaust is constantly provided through the balancing box located in the washrooms or kitchen. The high speed can be achieved to remove excessive humidity and odours by initiating the switches located in the washrooms. All units are equipped with state of the art fan cycled defrost mechanism. These units are equipped with a sophisticated control that can be used in conjunction with Furnace.

The Ontario Building Code states that all HRV and ERVs must be HVI tested and HVI certified. All HVI tests are performed in a HVI accredited lab. Units are all balanced before testing. Results include efficiency and CFM based on balanced air flow. That is why the building code states that all units must be balanced after installation. Even after units are balanced due to chimney affect between hot and cold weather and wind velocity changes, especially tall buildings over 50 floors, it could result in a different pressure between exhaust air and fresh air. Resulting to different CFM between fresh air and exhaust air from 10 to 30 CFM, resulting in a non-balanced units. Now efficiency and pressure between fresh air and exhaust air is not what we all publish anymore.  The balancing of HRV’s and ERV’s in condos could cost anywhere between $50 and $100 per unit. That is why The Reversomatic has developed a unique Deluxe Unit patented built in true automatic electronic air-balancing technology. Regardless what floor or temperature outside, the unit will stay balanced under any conditions, giving you the same constant pressure between fresh air and exhaust air and the tested efficiency.  No other unit will automatically balance itself giving the user the same condition all year round and saving you the cost of balancing. Now, deluxe HRV/ERV and al slim-line units can be equipped with ECM motors.

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