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BE SERIES UL & AMCA Approved (Air & Sound)

BE SERIES UL & AMCA Approved (Air & Sound)

BE SERIES (Garage Exhaust/Supply Fans)




-The frame features a venturi orifice

-sturdy welded construction appropriate for industrial,  Commercial and Agricultural applications

-Fan panels are heavy gauge steel with die-formed edges

-All welded structural steel provides durable support for fan motors, bearings, shafts and drives. This support  structure features a unique design which properly  spaces the blade from the structure, eliminating vibration  and reducing excess noise

-Shafts rotate in permanently lubricated heavy-duty ball bearing pillow blocks. Bearings are selected for a  minimum average life of 200,000 hours at maximum catalog operating speeds

-The propeller blades are made of heavy gauge steel  and are statically balanced

-Belt drive engineered to 50% overload

-Motor mounting plates are adjustable to obtain proper  belt tension

-Motors are heavy-duty ball bearing type carefully  matched to the load

-Cabinet constructed of heavy-duty 18 Ga enamel finish  satin coat or galvanized steel

-Shutter blades are made of heavy gauge extruded  aluminum, then stripped with a neoprene gasket to ensure  an airtight seal

-Rearguard made of finger proof expanded metal. Also  includes a center access door for easy serviceability

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