Tube axial fans

Tube axial Fans are designed for use in low to medium pressure ducted applications. They are generally used for removal of contaminated air or hot air found in industrial applications; but can also be used to supply air through duct work for cooling or pressurizing of the interior spaces i.e., Elevator Shaft and Stairwells for Condominiums. Tube axial fans are very versatile and compact for moving large volumes of air in duct systems having relatively low-pressure losses.

Two types of tube axial fans: RDD (Direct Drive tube axial fan) and RBD (Belt Driven tube axial fan).

Reversomatic tube axial fan manufacturer uses a housing constructed of heavy gauge steel, Airfoil cast aluminum propeller blade, ranging from 800 to 44,000 CFM for RDD tube axial fan and ranging from 1,300 to 70,000 CFM for RBD tube axial fan, tube axial fan static pressure from 0 to 3” SP, motor sizes are ¼ to 50 HP depending on propeller size and CFM desired.

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