RHRV-S100 P (Superior)

RHRV-S100 P (Superior)

• Over all size 27 ¾” (W) x 21” (D) x 9” (H)
• Power ratings: 115V / 1 / 60 Hz, 1.5 Amp, Standby current is 7W only

•Washable Polypropylene core and Filters
• Drainless design
• High efficiency energy saving permanently lubricated
variable speed PSC motors for air balancing
• Suitable for horizontal & vertical installation
• Tilted core design for maximum efficiency
• Automatic fan cycled defrost
• Exhaust up to two washrooms
• Two Speed exhaust (High / Low) – up to 150 CFM maximum
• Continuous fresh air supply up to 95 CFM
• Furnace / Fan-coil / Heat Pump Interlock
• Dual Protection: If exhaust fan fails, the outside fresh-air supply will be closed by shutting off supply motor and the relay contact for motorized damper and interlock will be opened. Fan Coil/Furnace low speed will be stopped and at normal operation no air will enter into the system
• In case of power failure, optional motorized spring return damper stops the fresh air intake and prevents core from freezing
• Weight approximately 52 lbs., 2 years warranty on parts

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