Bathroom Fans

In today’s homes which are highly insulated and air tight, extra moisture can damage the bathroom and affect the health negatively. Therefor, it is necessary to have a bathroom fan which helps to control bathroom odors, reduce the level of humidity and contaminants. It draws out stale, contaminated and moist air to improve the indoor air quality.

Types of bathroom fans:

  • Ceiling mounted fans: – It is installed in the ceiling and vented outside.
  • Wall mounted fans: – where the bathroom is on the middle floor and you do not have an option of roof for vent, wall mounted fans are used.
  • Inline fans (remote fans): – This bathroom fans are used when someone wants to connect one fan to vent multiple bathrooms.

Reversomatic is #1-bathroom fan manufacturer in canada. Reversomatic bathroom fan manufacturer designed fans for low and high-rise condominium and residential units that require low noise levels. This fan is manufactured with squirrel cage impeller for high performance. The slim housing design allows for easy installation in those tight ceiling and wall spaces. Its construction consists of heavy gauge rust-resistant galvanized satin coat finish and is equipped with a plastic impeller for quiet performance. 


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