HEPA Air Cleaner

Power Ratings: 115VAC/1/60Hz, 1.30 Amp., (RAC-200P), 2.75 Amp. (RAC-400P).
The air cleaner is powered by a high-performance and backward inclined
PSC motor to ensure a consistent and maintenance free life cycle.
The positioning of the motor between the pre-filter and the HEPA
filter creates a dual-barrier system, ensuring that the air cleaner will
perform consistently at a comfortable level.
The air cleaner is also lined with insulation that further contributes to the
low sound level of the unit.
The modular design makes removing the filters easy and
hassle-free with an accessible front door and sliding panels.
A two filter system captures and removes the pollutants and
allergens from your home. The pre-filter collects the largest particles
while the carbon filter absorbs odors and gases. The HEPA filter
captures the tiniest particles.
HEPA filter media – 99.97% effective down to 0.3 .
The filter will capture up to 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 –
a human hair is 100 .
On average, the pre-filter and carbon filter should be replaced every 3 to
6 months whereas the HEPA filter should be replaced every 2 to 5 years.

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