Tube axial fans

Tube axial Fans are designed for use in low to medium pressure ducted applications. They are generally used for removal of contaminated air or hot air found in industrial applications; but can also be used to supply air through duct work for cooling or pressurizing of the interior spaces i.e., Elevator Shaft and Stairwells for …

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Commercial fans

There are many facilities like hospitals, warehouses, kitchens, school, workshops, parking garages, storage facilities and many more commercial buildings use commercial fans. These fans are designed for general ventilation in the building and to remove smoke, heat, and gases to prevent any hazardous situation. The most extensively used commercial fans are exhaust fans which pull …

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Bathroom Fans

In today’s homes which are highly insulated and air tight, extra moisture can damage the bathroom and affect the health negatively. Therefor, it is necessary to have a bathroom fan which helps to control bathroom odors, reduce the level of humidity and contaminants. It draws out stale, contaminated and moist air to improve the indoor …

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